Lent 2 – Wednesday – The Trinity Stitch

Knitting Idea:  The Trinity Stitch!  For You Tube directions go here!  In order to knit this stitch, you need to work with multiplies of four stitches so you may need to increase your border on each size by a few stitches to make it work.

I’m using 48 stitches, 4 stitches at each end I’m continuing to do a seed stitch which means I have 40 stitches to use for the Trinity Stitch.

Trinity Stitch:  (Maintain seed stitch border on each row)

Row 1:  (Seed stitch first four stitches) Purl entire row (for me this is 40 stitches) (Seed stitches, last four stitches)

Row 2:  (Seed stitch first four stitches) in the next stitch K1,P1,K1 (watch the video, you are making three stitches out of one), P the next 3 stitches together. Repeat to the end of the row, do the seed stitch border.

Row 3:  Keep seed stitch border and purl the rest of the row.

Row 4:  Keep seed stitch border and then P the next 3 stitches together, in the next stitch, K1,P1,K1.  Repeat the rest of the row.


The concept of the Trinity is beyond explaining.  I’ll spare you the Greek words that the Cappadocian Fathers used to try and explain it but I can’t resist including this quotation from Gregory of Nazianzus (one of the Cappadocian Fathers):

“No sooner do I conceive of the One than I am illumined by the splendour of the Three; no sooner do I distinguish Three than I am carried back into the One. When I think of any of the Three, I think of Him as the Whole, and my eyes are filled, and the greater part of what I am thinking escapes me. I cannot grasp the greatness of that One so as to attribute a greater greatness to the rest. When I contemplate the Three together, I see but one torch, and cannot divide or measure out the undivided light.

I have seen priests use a variety of material objects to help people to understand this doctrine such as a hard boiled egg (shell, egg white, yolk), water (liquid, solid, steam), apple (skin, flesh, core) and now knitting!  Make three stitches in one and then knit the three together and voila!  We are back to one.  Obviously, all of these attempts are an extreme oversimplification of what was trying to be expressed by those struggling with the doctrine.

I find the history of the doctrine of the Trinity fascinating and it is the idea of community that I find is most important.  I have an icon of the Trinity that looks like this:


Three people sitting around a table.  If you want to learn more about this icon go here.

God is community.  We need community.  More on this tomorrow but for today, ask yourself – what is community?  Where do I experience community?  What is a Christian community?  What do I want from community?


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