Lent 2 – Friday – Third Time’s a charm


Knitting idea:  I had to repeat the Trinity Stitch three times!  Tomorrow there will be something new.  So, four more rows of the Trinity stitch.

Trinity Stitch:  (Maintain seed stitch border on each row) Teaching video is here.

Row 1:  (Seed stitch first four stitches) Purl entire row (for me this is 40 stitches) (Seed stitches, last four stitches)

Row 2:  (Seed stitch first four stitches) in the next stitch K1,P1,K1 (watch the video, you are making three stitches out of one), P the next 3 stitches together. Repeat to the end of the row, do the seed stitch border.

Row 3:  Keep seed stitch border and purl the rest of the row.

Row 4:  Keep seed stitch border and then P the next 3 stitches together, in the next stitch, K1,P1,K1.  Repeat the rest of the row.


Repetition – learning by rote.  Kids learn this way.  They want us to read the same book over and over and over.   Soon, they will pretend to read the book repeating every word verbatim and even correcting you when you make a mistake.  Repetition carves neural pathways in the brain.

The first time I did the Trinity Stitch I had to concentrate.  Each time after that, it go easier and easier until it was just happening in front of me and it felt like my frontal cortex of my brain was no longer necessary.  My hands were just going through all the right motions without any instructions from me.

Most people who know me for any length of time know I say the Jesus Prayer – Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me.  I try to remember to say it as often as I can and I have done this now for 19 years.  There is so much to this prayer.  It’s calming and it’s powerful.  I’m convinced it literally connects me to the love of God.  it changes everything about my life when I am faithful to the prayer.  It’s all about the repetition.  It’s about soaking in God’s mercy.

I don’t remember when it first happens but now it happens pretty often.  I wake up in the morning and the prayer is being said in my head.  It’s the first thing I “hear”.  It’s like long time knitters whose fingers fly while they are busy watching TV or talking away to a friend while they are in the midst of creating a beautiful sock or sweater or mittens.  The knitting is going on in the background.  Imagine a prayer going on in the background of your life, guiding you, informing you, holding you, and connecting you to the love of God that we know through Jesus.

Consistent repetition of any prayer is transforming, it creates an opening for the love of God to come in and change us.  For centuries people have prayed the Rosary, repeated the Psalms, said the daily office, prayed the Lord’s prayer, said the Jesus prayer, and created in themselves a new level of awareness of God’s presence and love.

Knit and pray and be still in the presence and let the love of God transform.

Psalm 46:10

Be still, and know that I am God!
I am exalted among the nations,
I am exalted in the earth.’



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