Lent 3 – Monday Changes

I love how the Trinity Stitch flows into the SeerSucker stitch!

Knitting Idea:

Row 5 (first four rows were posted on Saturday):  Seed stitch first four stitches, *K1,P1 repeat from * to the last four stitches.  Last four stitches are seed stitch.

Row 6:  Same as Row 5

Row 7:  Seed stitch first four stitches, K2 *P1, K3 repeat from * until last 6 stitches, P1, K1 then last four stitches are seed stitch.

Row 8:  Seed stitch first four stitches, P1, *K1,P3 repeat from * until last 7 stitches, K1, P2, then last four stitches are seed stitch.


Change.  Sometimes I long for it and sometimes I hate.  Either way, it’s inevitable.  I can remember one of my grandmothers looking at my infant car seat and remarking “We just put them in a basket on the floor or we held them, especially when they cried.”  She just shook her head as we buckled in the screaming infant.  Of course, she didn’t realize that I had been in a car accident and the only two fatalities were two young children not strapped into a car seat.  I was ok with the crying baby because a crying baby is ALIVE.

I’ve become very aware of change creating this pattern.  When does a pattern become boring?  What is the best amount of iterations?  How do I keep things interesting?

These are the same questions priests ask about the liturgy.  When does a prayer lose it’s ability to hold are attention?  Are we just saying the Lord’s prayer on automatic pilot or do the words penetrate.  Your Kingdom come!?  Do we even know what we are praying/asking for?  Your will be done?  Not my will?  What’s the difference if we are concentrating on the prayer verses just letting the words flow while our minds are somewhere else.

We typically change the liturgy with the church seasons.  I love the seasons of the church year because they help me focus on different aspects of my spiritual life. 

I went to a non denominational church in St. Louis, MO.  There were 800 people at the early service.  They are not on a lectionary and there was no mention of Lent.  The sermon was on spiritual gifts.  There were three singers, guitar, drum set, key board.  They sang How Great Thou Art and then moved to something contemporary.

This experience helped me realize that I like being grounded in the 3 year lectionary.  I love the ability to spiral around through the liturgical seasons moving closer to God with each iteration. 

What is your experience of the liturgical seasons?


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