Lent 3 – Tuesday – Planning verses Seat of the Pants!


Knitting Idea:  One more iteration of the SeerSucker stitch. The first 4 rows today and rows 5-8 tomorrow and then on Thursday a new stitch!

Row 1:  Seed stitch for 4 stitches, *K1, P1 repeat from * until 4 stitches are left then 4 stitches of seed stitch (total 48 stitches).

Row 2:  Same as Row 1.

Row 3:  Seed stitch for 4 stitches, *P1, K3 repeat from * Until 4 stitches are left then 4 stitches of seed stitch (total 48 stitches).

Row 4:  Seed stitch for 4 stitches, *K1, P3 repeat from * until 4 stitches are left then 4 stitches of seed stitch (total 48 stitches).


I thought of this knit along last fall.  At first I thought I would do all the knitting and write all the reflections during Advent, Christmas and Epiphany.  This way, during Lent, I would just need to schedule the posts to be released on the appropriate date and sit back and monitor the Facebook and blog.  But I just couldn’t get myself to do it.  I was experiencing the seasons and was not in a Lenten frame of mind.

I did look up a bunch of stitch suggestions and mark them in my stitch dictionaries but I haven’t used any of these stitches.  The new stitch for this coming Thursday which I love  just appeared by accident.


I have never allowed myself the freedom to knit without a pattern.  Although I’m outside of my comfort zone, I’m enjoying the process.  I have typically imprisoned myself in patterns even when they don’t make sense, may not fit, or I don’t even like the look.  I know plenty of people who feel entirely comfortable about changing things.  I have a neighbor who makes modifications to most everything he has.  All of his modifications make the items more useful and enjoyable.  We kid him about it but I’m always excited to see what he’s going to do.

I try to allow myself the freedom within my prayer life to pray outside of the pattern when necessary.  I usually set pray times for myself or decide I’m going to use a different book of daily prayers for a season or for six months or for a year.  But then something else calls me  and in the past, I may have stuck it out with the Benedictine prayer book because I had planned to use it for six months instead of changing to the celtic prayer book. Now I just change.  I go where my heart wants to go.  It’s amazing when I switch my daily prayer book that the new prayers speak to me in a way that I need.  The readings seem like they are meant for me.

Allowing some parts of life to evolve can be an act of faith.  Right now we have grants riding on grants riding on grants at St. Mark’s and St. John’s.  For example, we are waiting to hear if we are getting 10 high school interns that will work for six weeks in the gardens.  They would work five hours per day and if we get the grant they would need an hour of eduction a day.  We have another grant we just got for a person to develop the curriculum.  But what if we don’t get the students?  I guess we’ll have a curriculum at the very least.

Much of the spiritual life is stepping out in faith.  Taking just the next step, knitting just the next four rows and waiting and wondering what will be next.


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