Lent 3 – Wednesday – Discernment


Ok, so I’m going to keep my day job as a priest and not become a knitting photographer!  I love this yarn and it is ver special to me but the variegated color tends to obscure the pattern.

Knitting Idea:

Row 5 (first four rows were posted on Saturday):  Seed stitch first four stitches, *K1,P1 repeat from * to the last four stitches.  Last four stitches are seed stitch.

Row 6:  Same as Row 5

Row 7:  Seed stitch first four stitches, K2 *P1, K3 repeat from * until last 6 stitches, P1, K1 then last four stitches are seed stitch.

Row 8:  Seed stitch first four stitches, P1, *K1,P3 repeat from * until last 7 stitches, K1, P2, then last four stitches are seed stitch.


Discernment.   1 : the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure : skill in discerning. 2 : an act of perceiving or discerning something.

So, now that we have been praying and knitting for 19 days, what’s coming up?  Sometimes, I have specific decisions I need to make and when I pray, I ask God to guide me in these decisions.  The way it works for me is that I tend to go back and forth in my mind about something and then one thing keeps coming up over and over and I gravitate toward that.  The next step is for me to check out my discernment with a trusted person or group.  I find that I need to make sure my discernment is of God and not of myself.  A spiritual director or spiritual friends can be helpful.

For me, my current discernment – something that keeps coming up in my prayer time is that I’m involved in too many things.  I need to cut down.  My grandchildren are increasing (8 about to be 9) and I feel the call to continue writing my second book but I just don’t have the time between my two jobs and my family.  Something has to go!

I will admit I have a hard time saying no, especially to doing things I care deeply about but when I start to feel overwhelmed and ineffective, I have to stop and take a look.  I have to remember there are others who can take up what we let go of and will happily shoulder the load.

Is there a subject that keeps coming up in your prayer time?  Is there something in your life that is raising it’s hand asking for attention?  Is there a question that needs guidance from God?  Maybe, maybe not.  Maybe it’s just peace.  If so, that’s great.  If not, pay attention and don’t hesitate to ask for help from a trusted spiritual advisor.


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