Lent 3 – Thursday – A Lamp to my feet

Knitting Idea:

Slip Stitch Lace!  For a tutorial on this stitch go here.  If you are new to yarn overs go here but remember there are two kinds – one for when you are knitting and one for when you are purling.for more tutorials.  Don’t be afraid, one step at a time.  I have included my own detailed instructions which will probably drive the experienced knitters crazy.  So look below the first set of instructions for the abbreviated instructions.

Row 1:  First four stitches seed stitch, then knit until last four stitches.  Seed stitch on last four stitches.

Row 2:  First four stitches seed stitch, then *purl 4 stitches, yarn over (use the purl yarn over) (your yarn is in front ready to purl, just take it up and over the needle and bring it back to the front to be ready to purl again.  There is now a wrap on the needle)

repeat from the * until there are 4 stitches left. 

You need to p the very next stitch and then keep your seed stitch going on the last three stitches.  Trust me on this.  The pattern requires multiple of fours then 1 additional stitch.  Your seed stitch pattern maybe telling you to knit but just purl that stitch!

Row 3:  First three stitches seed stitch, then Knit 1, *drop the yarn over you made in row 2 from the needle, do a new yarn over, then slip the next stitch from the left needle to the right needle like you were going to knit it.  Just slip it on, don’t knit it. Now knit three stitches.  Take the stitch you slipped onto the needle without knitting it and pass it over all three stitches so they are enveloped by it.  Repeat from the * to the last four stitches and do your seed stitch.

Row 4:  First four stitches seed stitch, then purl until last four stitches.  Seed stitch on last four stitches.

Abbreviated Slip Stitch Lace Instructions:

These are the same instruction as the ones above but in an abbreviated form!

Continue seed border on all rows.

Row 1:  Knit all stitches between seed stitch border

Row 2:  *P4,yo: repeat from * to last 4 stitches, P1, seed stitch last 3.

Row 3:  Seed stitch 3 stitches, k1, *drop yo from Row 2, yo, slip 1, k3, psso; repeat from * to last four stitches, seed stitch

Row 4:  Purl all the stitches between the seed stitch border.


Psalm 119:105 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

105 Your word is a lamp to my feet
    and a light to my path.

Picture this, you are in a pitch black room with no ambient light. There’s just a lantern dangling at your feet.  In this situation you can only see just in front of you, enough just to take the very next step.

We all tend to get ahead of ourselves.  This is true for knitting directions.  We should not read too far ahead just far enough ahead so when we see those horrifying words “and at the same time” we are not way down the road and have to back track.  Let me explain, how many knitters have read the directions to start decreasing at the shoulder edge 2 stitches every four rows for the next 48 rows and then quit reading and dutifully started their decreases?  They knit all 48 rows only to discover the next part of the directions read and at the same time decrease 2 stitches at the neck edge every eighth row for six times.  Confused????  Now all 48 rows must come out because the knitter has discovered that she should have been decreasing on both edges and she has only done one edge.  For you visual people:



I read the directions for the piece I am knitting and highlight phrases like at the same time.  I read not to understand but just to make sure I can see any potential potholes.  I never understand the instructions but I have faith that if I follow them, one or two steps at time, I’ll end up with what I was trying to make.

Isn’t it remarkable that words on the page can communicate how to make a beautiful sweater?  Before YouTube, words were all we had and for us visual people it sometimes was a struggle.  But with patience and perseverance, words can explain almost anything.

The Word is powerful and as we heard in the psalm, it is where we can look to find the right path.  It is prudent to figure out what path we are on (discernment) and not to get too far ahead of ourselves.  Let the word guide out steps, help us stay in the moment, and be in the presence of God.



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