Lent 3 – Saturday – Refilling the Emotional Tanks!

Knitting Idea:  One last iteration of the slip stitch lace.  Even with the variegated yarn you can see the trinity stitch emerging into the seersucker stitch into the slip stitch lace.

Row 1:  First four stitches seed stitch, then knit until last four stitches.  Seed stitch on last four stitches.

Row 2:  First four stitches seed stitch, then *purl 4 stitches, yarn over (use the purl yarn over) (your yarn is in front ready to purl, just take it up and over the needle and bring it back to the front to be ready to purl again.  There is now a wrap on the needle)

repeat from the * until there are 4 stitches left. 

You need to p the very next stitch and then keep your seed stitch going on the last three stitches.  Trust me on this.  The pattern requires multiple of fours then 1 additional stitch.  Your seed stitch pattern maybe telling you to knit but just purl that stitch!

Row 3:  First three stitches seed stitch, then Knit 1, *drop the yarn over you made in row 2 from the needle, do a new yarn over, then slip the next stitch from the left needle to the right needle like you were going to knit it.  Just slip it on, don’t knit it. Now knit three stitches.  Take the stitch you slipped onto the needle without knitting it and pass it over all three stitches so they are enveloped by it.  Repeat from the * to the last four stitches and do your seed stitch.

Row 4:  First four stitches seed stitch, then purl until last four stitches.  Seed stitch on last four stitches.

Abbreviated Slip Stitch Lace Instructions:

These are the same instruction as the ones above but in an abbreviated form!

Continue seed border on all rows.

Row 1:  Knit all stitches between seed stitch border

Row 2:  *P4,yo: repeat from * to last 4 stitches, P1, seed stitch last 3.

Row 3:  Seed stitch 3 stitches, k1, *drop yo from Row 2, yo, slip 1, k3, psso; repeat from * to last four stitches, seed stitch

Row 4:  Purl all the stitches between the seed stitch border.


Who came up with the idea of lace?  I can imagine that knitting came about because people needed a way of making warm clothing besides slaughtering their animals and using the skins.  Someone came up with the idea of using the wool off a sheep and the first “sweaters” were probably knit to be dense and warm.  Certainly no holes!  There is nothing better than a fisherman’s knit sweater with lots of cables that add an extra layer of warmth knit from wool that still has the smell of the lanolin from the sheep.

So let’s state the obvious.  Lace is not for warmth, lace is for beauty.  We wear something lacy because it is beautiful, light, airy, ethereal, and a wonder to behold.  I love looking at lace.  There was a woman making lace at one of the fiber festivals I went to and I watched her deftly snatching up bobbins and twisting them, pinning them into a pattern that seemed to be made up of spider web thin strands.  It was mesmerizing.  The sight of it filled me up and ignited a feeling of gratitude for her creativity and her burgeoning creation.  She was inspirational.  It’s important to look for moments like this.  Go to places where we will be inspired and filled back up.  Find activities that bring us joy and fulfillment because these are the things that help refill our emotional tanks.

So much of life is demanding.  It takes energy to be kind, loving and generous.  That energy drains out of our tanks faster than we realize and it takes more than a delicious meal and good nights sleep to refresh ourselves.  We need to be intentional about planning some activity that will renew and refresh our energy, help us stay inspired to be who God is call us to be.

One of these activities for me is church.  It’s time to just sit, let the word wash over me and be filled with the body and blood of Christ.  It’s time to be among my community who cares how I am and wonders what I’m up to and contributes to the life of the church.  I’m fortunate I get to be there during the week.  I get to see the people who come by searching for something beyond this world.  Leaving a little better off because someone cared to listen to them.

What is the level in your emotional tanks?  Are you full, half full, running on empty? How do you fill up your emotional tanks?  Just planning something could be fun.



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