Lent 4 – Tuesday – Being flexible

Knitting idea:  Wasp Nest Stitch

Directions go here!  These directions are written out with links to video tutorials on how to do  twist 2 right  and a twist 2 left.  For those of you who know all of this the directions are:

Keep going with seed stitch border.

Row 1:  *T2R, T2L, repeat from *

Row 2:  Purl

Row 3:  *T2L, T2R, repeat from *

Row 4: Purl


Have you ever had something all planned and then something else happens and ruins the plan.  What do they say about the best laid plans?  Planning is good and it’s always best to be prepared but life happens and then we are presented with an opportunity to be flexible.  Being flexible can be hard when you want to go back to your lovely plan and when I can’t let go of my plan I usually waste time whining instead of creating something new and different.  I’m stuck in my plan.

These twisted stitches remind me that sometimes it’s just about twisting a few things around to get back on track or going about it just a little bit differently.  These moments can lead to great creativity or a new way of thinking about ordinary things.

I am about to lead a lenten group in a conversation about the Great Vigil of Easter.  My plan was to chant the Exultet, a haunting chant that is sung in the beginning of the service as the light of Christ is brought back into the church and then talk about the light that comes back into our lives after times of darkness.

I can’t sing.  I had an allergy attach when I was down south and despite the steroids I’m taking, I have no voice.

I have to be flexible.  I’m changing my plan.  One possible twist is to play the chant off the internet, another is to just read the ancient words, and another idea hasn’t hit me yet but may hit tomorrow morning.

How often do I lose the potential of experiencing something new or different because I refuse to alter my plan even when I need to?

Life brings little twists, disrupters, and interruptions.  A while back, it was the children, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy…  I miss that.   Sometimes we need the interruption.  It takes us out of ourselves and puts us back in the world where we need to be flexible, where we need to twist, we need to create freely and not be stuck.



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